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ItinerArt Sicily Art and Tourism

ItinerArt - Conoscere Sicily

ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo Progetti realizzati:

ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo

Sicily Art and Tourism

ItinerArt, Places to discover and rediscover, art to tell, tourism to promote. Visit Sicily with an app.

ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo
Volti di Sicilia
Fog Comunicazione

The Project

To stimulate to appreciate the beauties
in our territory.

“ItinerArt” Project is the result of the consciousness that to stimulate young people and tourists to appreciate and to icrease the value of a territory may improve our future that is rich of handed down history. That is why we have created a net, an emotional journey through a selection of sites and places, important from a naturalistic and historical point of view, in order to honour those who, before us, had always lived and believed in the territory. And that is why we want to talk about a corner of Sicily which deserves to be known and studied. Artificial intelligence and photography will allow you to know the corners and the facets of Sicily.

In a city you will
appreciate the answers to your
questions, not only its seven
or seventy wonders.


The history of a city can be known through its monuments. The heritage that tells about its identity: monuments and works of art are traces left by men that were able to interpret their time and express it as symbols of solemn beauty. But are we always good at the interpretation of these symbols? We have created an app that will help you in this task, simply by using a photo: its name is ItinerApp.

The Project
Conoscere San Cataldo

Know the corners of the town of Sicily through the soul and the use of artificial intelligence.


The app which uses the artificial intelligence for the recognition of the palces by taking a photo.

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ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo
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